Windows 8 & Office 2013
Windows 8 & Office 2013
(Classes 1 to 8)
The series is based on Windows 8 and covers Microsoft Office 2013.In addition, a new drawing and painting software named Tux Paint has been introduced.It also discusses various other software applications like Adobe Flash CS5.5, Adobe Photoshop CS5.1, CorelDRAW X5 and Visual Basic 2010 Express.
USPs of the series
  • Based on the latest NCERT guidelines and the syllabi of all major school boards
  • Attractive and child-friendly layout
  • Includes activities based on CCE guidelines in each chapter
  • Comprises topics whose complexity corresponds to the developmental milestones of the students
  • Has illustrations that lend enormous support as learning aids
  • Includes For the Teacher, Keypoint, Tip and Did You Know boxes to provide more information, useful tips and interesting facts about the topic being discussed
  • Supports every new concept and idea with clear-cut and practical examples
  • Includes an exhaustive set of questions, activities, revision exercises and projects
  • Provides sample questions based on National Cyber Olympiad that help students to revise the concepts covered in the book
  • Includes topics thoroughly researched and certified by consultant teachers from schools
  • Provides printed teacher’s support manual