Windows 7 & Office 2007
Windows 7 & Office 2007
(Classes 1 to 8)
The series is primarily based on Windows 7 and covers Microsoft Office 2007 along with updates on Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2010. It also discusses various software applications such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Visual Basic. In addition, the series covers the basics of some commonly used programming languages such as LOGO, QBASIC, HTML, C++ and Java.
USPs of the series
  • The text is written in a clear, concise and lucid manner.
  • All the ideas and concepts are explained using real-life examples.
  • Learning Plan at the beginning of each lesson clearly defines the objectives of the lesson.
  • For the Teacher boxes provide tips to teachers.
  • Did You Know and Remark boxes impart more information and interesting facts about the topic being discussed.
  • Wide variety of questions and activities and a list of key terms are given at the end of each lesson.
  • Revision exercises and project work at the end of the book help to sharpen the computational skills of students.
  • Sample questions based on National Cyber Olympiad at the end of the book help students prepare for the Olympiad.